May. 25th, 2009 05:50 pm
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My father, who was a Navy sailor in the late 1950s to mid 1960s, read a long, powerful speech this afternoon in Sag Harbor, NY. He's a VFW commander, a Freemason, an actual stonemason, an artist, and all-around extraordinary man. I love him beyond words, and not just because he is my father. *hats off*
I dedicate this post to many old friends and friends of friends, mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers, their graves weighed down with flowers and personal trinkets. For Lance Cpl. Jordan Christian Haerter, the boy from Sag Harbor; for the men who served with my father and the men who served with Bruce Bailey.
For all of them
For all of you.

Thank you.

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Tim McGraw: If You're Reading This

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Date: 2009-05-26 02:00 am (UTC)
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*doffs cap*

I spent the day with Dad, who's been crawling back to normal after a really bad trigger-moment. Three guesses what that relates to...

Tomorrow, I am going with him to meet the new shrink.

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