Jan. 22nd, 2002

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Eating breakfast right now, checking email, about to call up Word and work on das novel. I'm also going to check out some companies in DC who might want a proofreader, like legal firms or something. Plus I'm gonna try some magazines or periodicals or something. All the admin assist jobs seem to pay very little.

My beauty product pick for this entry is Jane cosmetics. I was not aware that the name was actually an acronymn for botanicals they use in their makeup: Juniper, Aloe, Nettle, and Elder. The pressed powder is probably the best bet for me, since it's one of those barely-there deals.

I feel like I'm just starting to live the way I was supposed to in high school, if I'd had friends. Cindy and I went shopping and stuff, but not that often and not in the way that I do now, with Erin and Beth for example. Spending two hours at a supermarket going through every single aisle just for the fun of it was really cool. I've never laughed this hard in HS.

Last night, Adam was nice enough to take me to CVS after dropping off James. His excuse is that he knows me and I'll want to go shopping regardless of how I feel. So he's right. Sue me. Still, I appreciate it, since his sinus headache/migraine was still being annoying. Thank the gods for Midrin.

I want a bigger job! More money! Published books! Did I mention that John Meagher got an agent? I'm so happy for him, yet so jealous at the same time. I could self-publish and stick it in Borders, but that's the cheap way, the last resort. I want to really be an author, someone you can look up in Amazon.com and "buy used". *grin*

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