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Flight Of Mind

There's a table in my room made of stone
And a dream catcher above the bed
It's where I sleep, perchance to dream
And ride away down dark highways.

There's a chair in my mind
On which I wrote poems long ago
And I sat in the dark
With a fire in the corner
And a cat I couldn't see in my lap.

Now I wonder if I'm real
If this is nothing but a rabbit hole
And the cat isn't grinning with perfect teeth
Or following me down that dark highway.

I met a man the other day, dressed in black
I asked him where I was going
He just smiled and told me
I was already there.

Room With A View

A globe sitting on a writing desk
Glass planet, and kanji writings
On a scroll on the wall. Here I sit,
With a calligraphy pen,
No clue what I'm writing
I don't know where I've gone to
Only where I've been.

I stare for a while
At nothing but the moon
Pregnant and bright outside the window
The pen is black
And it's dark inside
I don't see what I'm writing
I'm waiting for the moon.

I am a muse, I am a dream
And the little globe is my world
Here is my mind, here is my life
Calligraphy ink spilled on rice paper
With a rotating glass planet on the desk
And kanji writing on the wall.

Eternally Yours

I saw the moon cry
Crystal tear of blood
I saw your face in a cloud

I watched the stars reach
My hands were pale as snow
I touched the moon, and your face

She let the tear fall
My palm a soft cup
Liquid silver, stuff of fate.

The sky an endless stretch of dream
The stars my beacon toward my home
When the darkness fills my soul
I will remember you.

Welcome Home

Kiss me here and now, don't say goodbye
Whisper in my ear, welcome home, and taste my tears
Hold me under this wide blue sky
Filled with valley streams and mountain peaks
Take me dancing by the river in the woods
Say hello and never farewell
Welcome home, don't say goodbye
And listen to the trees whisper in our ears.

Sing to me of Celtic folk tales
Watch for faerie dancers in the dawn
Somewhere out there in the forest
There are dragons under the stars.

Don't worry for the future
The future becomes the past
When someday becomes the now
When tomorrow is forever.
Ask for favors from the heart
Save them for the darker days
When the heart desires,
The universe conspires.

Love me with the moon's bright blessing
Kiss me here and now, don't say goodbye
My heart is home, and to home the heart goes
And in you I will live
Whisper, welcome home, and taste my tears
Forever and a day welcome home
And I will say I love you until at last we say goodbye.

Of Lost Dreams and Fairy Tales

I am mortal, but only a dream
Gray wisp of air, a fairy ring
Carved on the doorway of a trod
Forgotten, like the changeling
Or the antediluvian Chinese fox.

You are mortal, but only a dream
Gray pulse of vapor, a willow tree
Standing never again in sorrow,
Because you said you've found me.

We are not always human, but we are eyes
And hands, and mouths, and we touch
Honeyed kisses here and there,
With limb and tongue, like
Kittens nursing
Or playing together

But closer, like the closeness
Of falling stars, or clouds
Passing over a full moon
I hope you see through my eyes.

Winter Solstice

Hush hush
In the silence, hurry don't slip
The world is full of ice, go slow
To Mother,
Open arms full of pomegranate
Nature, earth, mother-child
Girl-woman in a frosted mirror
Silver on evergreen, dancing on a lake
Sun moves slowly, first long night
Stars and mid-light, dusk and twilight.
Dancing mother, crystal ball
Tomorrow, tomorrow
Snow falls silent, white hush
In the silence, run
Mother waits below,
Pomegranate seeds like snow and stars.
In winter
The stars are silent
Hush hush, a blanket white
With Mother's arms wrapped tight.


When silence is the gray of dawn
And the sky is held with silken threads
When legends touch the eyes
When wonders kiss the heart
Then you know
Then you know
It's forever, so together,
Like a song, like a soul,
And you know you'll be together
Until forever, together.

Trials and time
Like a one-winged dove,
Broken back and nowhere to fly
When you can take a life
Take it by the hand
Lead it down the path of heart
So you know
Then you know
It's forever, you were meant
You were meant to be forever,
Like two doves in the starlight
Forever and together.

And when the sun is through the green
In your eyes, like a birth
And the warmth like the water
Like the mother, like the lover
And the myth and the legend,
So eternal, all forever
And you know
Now you know
You were meant to be together
Meant to be forever
Like a starlit night, a lover
You know you are forever
Like a song that time remembers
Together you are forever
Like a lovesong, forever.

The Art Of Gray

Picture a sculptor's stone
Morning-cold, like hands
And hands that shape
Warm cold pale dark.
You feel it--the soft cut crater,
The moon in your hands
And the sense of one and the other.

It's balance, center, and deep within
The tip of black
Like a pen, the dab of white--
Paint-drip on black. Sheet of white,
Perfect snow, and fingerscratch black.
Black and white and in between
And symbol, bound like lovers.

Picture the balance of stone,
And center. The gray wizard
Head bowed arms crossed eyes closed
Perfect middle and skin warm-cold,
Chaos-order and thin-crossed line.
You feel it--the shadow and the sun,
Winter and your discontent.

Picture the life of stone,
Poised on the edge
Of the either-or and neverwhere
Magician with a perfect illusion
Arms raised head back eyes open
The doorway of balance
And this is the art of gray.


They take from you
History and words
You are wings and not wings
Glitter dust like star tears
And they hunt you/me
With butterfly nets and iron cages
Like misguided legends
But they think myth is dead
So they don't look.

But we see
You see the mirror-child
She is waif and forest eyes
Small bones and vellum skin
And they fear us/you/me
They know but can't see
And they take from you
Light and stardust
And night/moon/mother.

And they search, try to capture
With cameras, paint and pens
And we/you/I
Stand in the leaf shadows
And tuck our hair behind our ears
The pull of the moon, the pull of blood
Woman, elf-child
We are the deer/fox/bird in the night
We flicker, and disappear.

The Elf-Child

When she was small
She was their child
Kitten eyes and butterfly wings.
And she grew
But stayed small
Stayed the size of her bones
Stretched in milk and silken skin
Fawn eyes and willow body.
She became a rose
And they tried to touch her petals
Tried to drink her nectar while she slept.

But she was stronger
And she had thorns
Now her nectar burned
Innocent the child, wise the woman.
She let her wings grow
And they were clipped
When she thought she couldn't fall.
Buried in a colder earth, and they tried
To take the marrow from her very bones
They wanted to pry her, pull her,
Press themselves inside her
Touch inside her glass house and walls of stone.

Then he caught her, held her, healed her,
Threw her to the sky and flew beside her
He took her hand, eyes of trust
Her secret garden key,
The first inside, the deepest within.
He kissed her a thousand times,
Touched her a thousand times,
Saved her, made her, opened her skin
Loved her, and she was love.

When she was small she dreamed of faeries
Now she dances in the night
Goddess, lover, child, mother.
In the night she lays with him
A butterfly dreaming, free in flight
With fire in her faerie heart
With stars beneath her skin.

The Cycle

They say there are no boundaries in love
The world can revolve around two joined souls
But I lie here remembering a tender kiss
An echo of what I long for still.
I hear the rain outside so soft
Like a love song in my mind
A poem that whispers a truth in tears,
Every time we say goodbye we die.

Time so fleeting, miles away
And they say no distance could come between
But time is a warrior with a double-edged sword
And every time we say goodbye we die.

Old souls in a young new life
Met by chance, met by fate
Twin souls crossing a world of stars
But every time we say goodbye we die.

Last kiss back to first hello
And back again, and back again
This love is a cycle that never stops
With last goodbye to first warm touch.
Every time we say goodbye we die
Every time we say hello we're born
Every time we kiss goodbye
I die a little more
Every time we kiss hello
I live again in you.

Deep Inside

If I could run a thousand miles
Drag my hands through endless desert sands
If I could tear the sky in two by thought alone
I could be the yin to this yang
And let you inside, deep inside.
A hundred days, a thousand years
A million words to speak one thought
So many doors to echo down one hall
Take your chance to play my game
And let me inside
Deep inside.

And here we feel the thunder above the gray horizon
Here we see the lightning strike in shadow
But if a thousand years could start with now
Let me inside, deep inside.
A downward spiral painted red
That stains our skin like blood
We lay still together
Inside the storm
Open like vellum, pale and soft
It's been a thousand lives since I saw you.

In a thousand years, if I see you again
A thousand dreams ago
Will you take me to the depths of space
Will you let me inside
Let me inside.
If in these days we’re forced to fight
If for a thousand years you hold me tight
A thousand dreams ago we both took flight
Deep inside, deep inside.

If I could run a thousand miles
Drag my hands through endless desert sands
If I could tear the sky in two by thought alone
If I could be the yin to this yang
Half for you and half for me
If only I could
You know that I would
Let you inside
Deep inside.


She's the kind of woman you have to cut open
Like ripe fruit
Even then, secrets stay locked in glistening seeds
Even when she's bitten she won't tell.
She is me,
Under a proverbial knife
Which I call you.
But you never bleed me, and you never hurt me
You say I taste sweet even when I bite back.
This true love tastes like fruit,
This thing called love.
It smells like honey
The kind your lover licks onto your lips
The essence of you.
It feels soft like silk, and hands that touch
Caress and stroke and murmur and sigh.

I'm the kind of woman you have to chisel,
Like white marble.
I have secrets and I like to hide in dark corners.
I like this thing you give me
This thing called love
This thing that tastes like fruit
Smells like honey
And feels like silk.
I love being a lover.
I love being loved.
I love.

Eternity's Ravine

There are no eyes here
In this hidden valley of silent night
A lost kingdom of broken worlds
A hollow canyon, where blind men dream.

There is no reason here
In this twilight kingdom
Strewn with dying embers
Where stars burn out, one by one,
And darkness lies in wait.

In this final hour
We walk together without speech
Calmly in the hurricane
Deepest core of earth
In this desolate cavern of ancient waters.

We grope the walls
Touching cold wind
Sightless, until the eyes reappear
Like an evanescent star
Vast beacon above the deep river
Of a thousand souls calling in the night.

Here there are eyes
We dare not meet
Even in our darkest dreams.
There is only solitude
In hollow hearts, where
Eternity's pit would yawn wide.
Sightless with eyes wide open
The children of night woud fall.

With darkness and light in eternal dance
We wait for a creature from whose hands
Each sunless world is made
Whose fatal songs move the moon.

Things Happen

I have opened my eyes to darkness
Talking to stone-cold walls
And believing I can get answers.
Within the vast space of universe
One can feel like a single cell
Forever alone, forever surrounded
In the infinite womb of endless night.

In the world there are things
Human eyes were never meant to see
The death of stars, blood pulsing into light
The rush of sense and sight and touch
Beyond the smooth ridge of skull.

Things happen, without understanding
Without reason--things we can't touch
That have always been, waiting
In the darkest void of space
And the deepest pools of mind,
Never alone yet alone all the time
Feared--because the world always fears
What can't be understood.

In the war between light and dark
Conflict will always stay.
Yet if stone-cold walls
Hold the answer to eternity,
The seed of existence may be found
In the darkness behind the sun
Waiting to be unveiled
By the hands of a creature
No one has not yet seen.

Galaxy's Child

On cold nights the child sits alone
Surrounded by the mist-wrapped breath
Of the vastness called space
Calling out to comets from his Stygian crib
Reaching for a glimmer of fire
A handful of stars.

The child has seen birth and life,
Love and death,
Forever and always together
In eternal consummation.
We have seen what we have of the world
Often through the eyes of children
As our child within drifts across the vastness
Eternally vigilant, forever alone.

This child of night's womb
Has seen the deaths of galaxies
Time and time again,
Yet the child's hands always reach
Forever, past the stars,
Past the vastness of universe
To search for an endless truth
That has no question, and no answer.

Ask Why

They never asked you how to love
Never asked you how to feel
No matter how you look above
You don't know what is real.
They never asked you how to choose
They never heard you cry
You didn't realize you might lose
That all you know could die.
The gods decree, it's not just me
Open your eyes and see.

You live forever in your death
You can't see past the dark
How many times must you have wept
Reality hits the mark.
They never asked you to believe
They never asked you how
And now you're cold and dark inside
You never knew till now.

You're moving on, you're looking past
The world is slowly fading
You're going back to death at last
To what they were creating.
Look and see it's not just me
Look into their eyes
What you see comes back by three
Just ignore the lies.

Look around, what do you see
Souls in immortality
They tell you how, you don't ask why
There's no room left for pain
You raise your eyes to bloody skies
But what is left to gain?

Look and see it's not just me
Eyes forever closed
Look and see inside of me
Where ice and darkness grows.
The gods decree it's not just me
This is just eternity
Open your eyes, for the first time
Open them wide, and see.


Watch me, wait for me
I am your silence
Hold me, hold on
You have loved me.

My blood
A river; I have cried
A thousand tears
I cannot die
You were my children
You are and will be
You have torn me.

I will sink
I am dying
You are of me
I am in you
Children of blood
Darkness, torn
Stay with me
In me
You have hurt me.

I am Death
As much as Life
But you can't hear me
You don't see me
My blood in you
And you kill me.

Philosophy In Blood

Silence is a virtue
Loneliness is pain
Darkness all around
Nothing left to gain

Nature is a vampire
Sunless world of blood
I lift my wings, soul to climb higher
Caught forever in the flood.

I am silence in the void
A thousand voices call
My thoughts no longer move alone
No choice but to fall.

You are me and I am you
We all know where we stand
Sleep to die and dream anew
It all goes hand in hand.

Eternity is in your eyes
Drift deep beyond their place
Here I can look past the lies
Hold the memory of your face.

You are me but I'm not you
Our blood turns into wine
Alone here, knowing what is true
And we have crossed the line.

Morning Flame

Dawn breaks, phoenix song
Beyond horizon and rising.
Evening past, moon's silver eye
A cycle until waking.

See the world in a single tear
Universe in grains of sand
Daughter of the distant moon
Empress of the sun.

Dance to dream and wake to live
Light beyond the sky
Ashes scattered, fire burnt
Silent gathering stars.

Phoenix born, dawn bleeding deep
Feeling Gaia wake
Galaxies awaiting birth
Stars awaiting death.

We stand and watch, the end of life
The beginning of another
Cycle back and rise again
Seasons inside time.

The Siren and the Phoenix

My song is lament
My voice gentle light
I weave a tale
To give darkness sight.
The world in my eyes
No one can see
The dawn and the night
Dance in me.

Am I alone, am I free
I watch the world turn
In immortality.
My soul is a fire
My voice is the wind
My thoughts are the water
That flows within.
The earth is my body
The stars are my eyes
Yet I cannot see
My face, though I try.

I see beauty, in darkness and death
My mind is duality, no more, no less.
I am only one voice
In a chorus of stars
Not everyone hears
The song only reaches so far.
Am I alone or am I afraid
Of the echo of souls
That rise with the tide.
I hear thoughts unknown
See worlds unseen
But I am just one
Of the many that have been.

I sing for a love
I may never have
I cry when the world
Takes a moment to grieve
I am there when the wind
Blows fate where it will
And I am the fire
That burns forever, still.

Eternally Yours

I saw the moon cry
Crystal tear of blood
I saw your face in a cloud

I watched the stars reach
My hands were pale as snow
I touched the moon, and your face

She let the tear fall
My palm a soft cup
Liquid silver, stuff of fate.

The sky an endless stretch of dream
The stars my beacon toward my home
When the dark night fills my soul
I will remember you.

Here and Now

Take me beyond a snowflake world
Cold and warmth, winter and summer
Here I am standing on a pale moon
With the earthrise at my back
I'm no god -- but I'm here, now,
Standing outside of forever
I think I could stop time.

A dark psychic dance
I'm spinning like a wheel
Black crystal, blue diamond
Here is the world, here and now
I'm not immortal, I have no control
But here is the world, here and now.

Everything is ending
Drifting like snow against glass
And I'm still in the world, alone
But not completely, with these shadows
And these angels and these demons
And I'm falling, freewheeling
And I'm alive again, here and now.

All Is Silence

All is silence in the soft gray of dawn
Gentle songs of starlings in the whisper of the wind
There's a silken violet hue of sun
Like tendrils of an infant's touch over the horizon
And now everything is blue and gold
In the soft gray touch of dawn
When children hold tight to the last thread of dreams
And lovers hold tight to the warm morning embrace
Doves huddle in the slow turning leaves, in the dawn
All is silence
In the golden mist, clear like a mountain sky
Clear like a north spring dawn in the green
Last remnants of the shivering moon
Sweet slumber, like a kiss and a touch
Movement of satin and velvet
Whisper of a kitten's purr
Trembling heat in the soft silent gray of dawn
And with the final horizon rise of the sun
All is silence.

Poetry Workshop

It's like sitting in a bowl
Of clear marbles, being shaken,
Making a white-noise chatter
As they clink together.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ideas and words slide around the bowl
Mouth to mouth to ear, basically similar,
Except for a few exceptions
Where I really get insight
And while they talk I scribble revisions
On the page already inked with scratches.

And then the marbles start to swirl
As if the bowl had been picked up,
And placed in a centrifuge
As everyone really heats up
And starts to talk, and laugh,
And share memories, and I think,
I can use that, and maybe that,
Like poetry in itself
All the understanding faces, finally
Realizing what poetry is about.

Death Does Not Know Love

Death does not know love
But death cannot stop love
At least not forever.
Death does not know love
And death does not try to love
But death can sunder love
At least for a while.
Death does not know love--
Could death ever conceieve of love?
Death does not know love
But even if death knew love
Death could not love, but see love
Could see love more deeply than life could ever dream.
Death does not know love
Death cannot stop love
But death, that certain kind of death,
Even if death never knew love,
Is all that love is,
If death could not know love.

Mirror Images
(written for and with Adam Paul)

I stare at the ceiling and the depths of your eyes
Living in this masquerade
Hiding beneath the charades
Of all that you wish you were.
Living in the nothingness
Only knowing loneliness
And only completed through all that you are.
Seeing my own mind lost in itself,
Only knowing what is here
Losing myself in your memory.

Life unfolds, in and out of itself,
Bearing the mirror seeds of you,
So certain of the things you know
But never really see,
And those seeds of tomorrow you will sow.

I love you with all that I am and could be
For all that you are and all you will be
And in my moments of solitude
Wish for you--
Your arms around me; your eyes, your kiss
Your love to lift me, your soul to complete me
And you, just you,
To forever be, and forever be.

As I Softly Go

The old ones understand what is said
The rushing silken whisper as a river stretches to a sea
The young ones see what is shown and given
The smooth bursting shiver of a sunset against white stars

And as I softly go into the night
And as dusk breaks into dust around me
The old and young inside my head go silent.

This time I will not look behind
And this time I will not remember
Or try to understand what has never come before

As I softly go into the night, I stop to wonder
With my eyes I paint the sky in colors I never knew
As I softly go I take those first shaky steps.

As I softly go into the night, it's the world giving birth
To me, herself, or both, a phoenix rising

Even if it didn't matter I would still walk softly over the earth
As I tread into the night against the whiteness of the stars.

And here the old and young speak again,
In a white-water rush of cavern echoes and secrets lost to ages
And here I listen closely, and walk softly,
And here I see the sunrise in a panoramic birth

And I am ready, I am ready, I am ready to softly go
Softly go into that night, against the whiteness of the stars.

Untold Answers to an Unknown Question

Flames reach high and twist
Embers stretch toward a dying heaven

Fire-tongue of quick and brazen red
And tarnished sun.

Ancient voices speak in riddles
Like a nightmare that brings comfort
To a lost and lonely child
Just another soul in the gray.

Here from childhood's hour
Where the unseen becomes real
Like dying stars that rage against the night

And we fight.

Trembling in the womb,
We grasp a restless meld of dark and light

And in that final shadow fall
In that single burst of brilliance born,

We still fight...

Proposal In Summer

Come with me and be my love
And live forever in this dream
Sleep with me and be my night
And wake in gentle warmth and light.

Stay with me in thought or form
Reach for me when I'm not there
Let me take from you my love
And give the boundless words inside.

Let me be no nearer
Than a single part of you
And let me speak no louder
Than your own voice in your soul.

And if you'd let me draw from you
All that I would ask
Then let me take that part of you
That once belonged to me.

Come with me and be my love
For endless summer days
Fly with me and be the wind
That holds aloft my wings.

Among Hollow Shadows

It is winter here and silent
Draped in graying shadows
Of a false and lonely dawn.
We are hollow ones, naked ones,
With voices like brittle ice
Breaking from ancient stone.
We do not expect to live
Any more than die
Existence here, when not linear,
Is much like a snake of myth
Devouring its own tail.

Here we have voices
But deep inside we are hollow
Shadows of whiteness like blindsight
Naked skin flushed with our mothers' milk
And blood within, dark and singing
Like the deep dreams of poets
Or the dying.

Here our eyes see
But never meet
Here we touch
Like reflections of passing thoughts
Slivers of mirrors long broken
There, and there,
And one by one,
We disappear.

This is how the world will end
Silent as winter
Or a sleeping god's dream.

Last Exit Before No Exit

It's a strange story on a strange highway
A lost mind in a lost dream
Filled with streaming lights and quiet whispers.
Imagine standing at Ground Zero
Just across the river stretching toward D.C.
Waiting for the ball to drop, waiting
For what everyone says is world's end.
Imagine taking your lover in your arms
And kissing past midnight
While the sky explodes not with bombs
But with fireworks.
It's a strange affair
On a strange highway
Two lost minds in a shared dream
Breaking eighty-five per hour
On an endless stretch to who knows where
Only seeing no end in sight
Only feeling the fire inside
Passing the last exit before forever
And down and down, hearts on fire
Until we stretch our wings
And fly together.

Shy Fox

My lover is a semi-precious gemstone.
My lover, call him diamond in the rough.
Smooth on the outside, but inside,
Under the light,
He is scratched and scarred.
Little pieces here and there
Chipped away by time
Hands and hands turning him
Over the years, burning him.
My lover is the rare jewel
That sparkles in the right light,
And little chips and scratches
Make it all the more precious.
And when held in the right hands
Shines with a brightness
That makes the world shine back.

Butterfly In A Glass House

My lover calls me a butterfly.
He says I am free.
But I live in a glass-house cocoon
With nets made of steel and spidersilk.
In there I am free,
I dance like I’m made of air.

He calls me butterfly, he says I am free.
I dance in a glass house with the windows shut.
After dreams I flutter my wings against the glass
My eyelashes long and thick
Like Mediterranean butterflies.
I dream I am a butterfly
I am a shy butterfly
Staring at the sun from inside.


This is the world inside the mouths of gods
This is Fahrenheit 98 and 451
Wind hot and moist like breath
Ground rough like sandpaper tongues.
This is the ocean with the sun on our backs
Beating on our heads like a drummer's hands,
Turning our hair two shades lighter.
This is ice cream melting on sidewalks
Strawberry lip gloss that compliments a tan
This is strappy high-heeled sandals
Cotton skirts and midriff tops,
Whispering trails of perfume
That remind us of fruit and flowers.
This is playtime in the sprinklers
A slow-motion sort of silent dream,
Where sex is the roll of ice across our throats
Where a gentle breeze is as close and sweet
As a lover’s chocolate melting kiss.

A Song For Rome

Countrymen, but not friends
With your spears and metal
Bodies cased in tarnished silver weight.

Silent tigers, with bloody eyes, with claws
Tinted black with brother blood.

Lend your ears
And your hands, eyes, heads
As decapitation reigns
As royal redness stains
The white marble of our throne

All hail.

And you?
Brutus, Julius, Marcus, Augustus,
Conquerors of crumbling cities
Raiders of the dying god
Will you speak
Of Florence, Sicily, or the Black Sea
Will you speak of the wolves of Rome
The mother who nursed you
With her silver-furred teats and gleaming fangs
The brother you slaughtered like a death of myth
And you, with a knife in your back,
What would you say?

Now the ampitheaters
Stand and echo the cries of ages
They show us the sacrifices
Torn between the teeth of lions
The metal and steel twisted in dust.
The baths are empty and ringed in black
The old voices in the marble halls
Cracking with years, ghosts of a world
Where the aqueducts survive
To tell the tale
To anyone who comes to hear.

The Brave Ones

What price we pay
What cost innocence
What graves we dig
To bury ourselves.
What world is this
Just outside
Touch forbidden
Bury me not in the shroud of your tears
But in the soothing soil of your soul
Where I am withered
Only to heal
In the night
At the price
Of my innocence.

Tomorrow, Love

Today I took my love
Down from the old tree where it hung
For years, swinging
Like a child's swing
In the breeze that always said summer
Today I found my love.

Yesterday I lost my love
In the long woods where we
Used to play those games you always see
Children laughing, sunlight shining
All the little games.
But love was lost in the long woods where we
Still come to play like children
Love was lost
Yesterday I lost my love.

Tomorrow I will see my love
Go into the long woods and to
The old tree where we used to swing
Like children in summer
Losing and finding each other
In the long woods in sunlight
And then moonlight
When moonlight comes
I will see my love
Where I lost my love
I will find my love
By the old tree in the long woods
Where we used to play
And I will have love.

Ophelia's Daughter

Every road a winding turn
Every river flowing forward, and
You can’t look down, and you can’t look
You don’t want to see, all cracked, distorted
Your eyes are holes and your skin is cracked snow
White with the apple, with poison in your throat.
Every time we see, we scream, cry into our shards
Of glass lying scattered on the floor.
We think it’s hate, we think tough love.
We think bird cages and white bones, we think
Vellum skin, silk skin, white skin
We think youth and we think purity.

Every door a broken lock, you can’t go in,
And you can’t listen, to the words on the other side
Because you broke the lock, don’t want to open the door.
Don’t want to listen, you can’t listen.
You lie here touching your hips, your bones
You lay in the night watching the moon
You feel your bones, your skin like silk
You see your eyes like ink in milk.

The world unwinding is long, and we follow
The tiny voice that whispers in our ears
And we dream of fruit and bread and honey.
The broken locks are on the floor, the voices on
The other side are quiet now, eyes watching us
At the edge of the world and we see down below
Where it’s dark but it’s darker
Inside our bones, and outside
There is fruit and bread and honey.
The voices are quiet now
And the road that winds, the river that flows
Goes on, as we step into the world
With fruit and bread and honey
And the voices are quiet now.

Echo of You

Is there something in your eyes
You don't want me to see?
Has the world grown too dark
Or too bright for you to
Come out of the shadow
That you've hidden in your head
Where it seems so much safer
Because right now you aren't dead?

Where can I find you
Where can I hear the echo of you
When will you let me touch you?
When will you let yourself feel?

Did I say something that you
Just don't want to admit?
Do you think I'm wrong when I say
It will be all right
Or that the world around you
Is trying to show you
The world inside you
That you're reluctant to live?

Where can I find you
Where can I hear the echo of you
When will you let me touch you?
When will you let yourself feel?

These friends you love so well
Are all gone now
You're alone for a moment
And you can't see outside
That closed dirty window
With the heavy, dark curtain
That blocks out the light
Which hurts your eyes
And when the phone rings, you let it
Even though it might be me,
Trying to find
A way back to you
Trying to call back
Through my echoes to you

Where can I find you
Where can I hear the echo of you
When will you let me touch you?
When will you let yourself feel?

When can I love you
When will you let me inside
When will you let me answer
The echo of you?

Glass Skin

I see you floating there
Underneath my skin where
paleness like glass and razors
that cut like the smallest scratch
on a glass lens, where you live
waiting for me to speak
while my throat is squeezed
by the serpent I swallowed
under hot lights and voices.

That was yesterday, years ago
show me the voices now,
where the lights are dim and
there are shadows that speak
and where no one hears a whisper
because of a shout that echoes in the hall
inside my head where I see you floating
there in my skin under the blue vein
pulsing in my wrist where whiteness breathes
where the razors won’t touch because I am glass
I am pure thin glass and you can't break me
I will be glass.

I'm underwater, breathing my fear
outside of my head drowning and here
voices in my line of sight keep drifting
where I can hear you call my name but I
keep drifting because I don't need you
but I do need you and I cry to the water
where I move and turn to water
because I can't be contained I don't choose
to be contained and again I see you
there under my skin where the blue vein pulses
you are smiling so I smile.

When I fall asleep I dream
of glass and sunlight and you breaking
my glass prison and as you smile
I smile back and say hello.


I saw you crying in the mirror and I tried
to reach out and touch you
you were glass alone and mercury
my tears became your blood
my hands became your heart
You became a porcelain doll
Blushed and cracked
I held you in my soul,
"You don't deserve this..."
I kissed you with my love,
"You're not alone in this..."
Let your blood run into me
let your cries wash through me
believe in you
believe in these
these are days of trial and fire
these are the dreams of demons
fallen angels are these loving souls
fallen from fear
never from grace
don't fall, sweet sister
don't bleed when you cry
stand strong stand tall
break this mirror take my hand
don't be alone, don't fear alone
the stars are shining tonight.

My Bright Shining One

The sky is clear this morning
My bright shining one
The storm has passed
The winds are soft
The stars will shine tonight.
Hope will bloom where fear has faded
And life will move unhindered
You will stand so tall within her arms
My bright shining one.
Let me sing your lullabye
My bright shining one
Become a child one more time
My bright shining one
Together we will touch the sun
My bright shining one
My love will see you to the stars
My bright shining one.

Reality Dreaming

I wake up every morning and live in a world
Where two faces on every head turn to the sky
One eye green and one eye blue, third eye gray
Like a sea before a storm, like words and poetry
Rattling inside my whiteboneskull, tiny wings
Fluttering butterflies.

In bed I turn to my lover and kiss his face
Soft thinskinned eyelids cupid bow mouth
I touch his cheek that is like the moon
Luminescent white gold my entire world
When his eyes open they are sapphire seas
His smile is the sun.

I live in a world where love is real
The shapes of love twisting writhing
Those who love us sometimes looking away
So after we come back home there will be
Open arms, mocha coffee and laugh tracks
When I fly, we fly together.

Still Here

Can you see the sun setting over our heads
As we walk hand in hand among the shadows
The sky like a rippling river reflecting my heart
And in these long quiet days
I have not forgotten.

Do you remember those days when hearts were young
This romance that no one could compare
Do you remember the roses and the moon overhead
The whispers against tear-stained skin,
"I love you more than anything...
You are my everything."

All the nights we lay tucked in close
Heartbeats aligned and fluttering
As we slept I opened my eyes
I looked to see you dreaming
Your eyes flickering closed like a silent screen
I wondered what you saw in the dark of your mind
Were you dreaming of me?

Now there are days when shadows are long
You look at me and your eyes are so dark
I look back and fight these thick tears
But in the end my heart is yours alone
In the end you take me in your arms
In the end it's always roses and the moon
In the end we kiss goodnight before we sleep.

And in the end I will remember
We're still one but separate
The harmony still strong, the notes still clear
The voices still single and sweet alone
And you are still the one I breathe
In the end you are still my only one
In the end you are.
You still are.

Rays of Hope

That night I sat under the rain and held
my sister's hand, while the stars tried to melt
and the half moon was blurred and that night I wished
it could be me, outside reality
somewhere else where she might be
because there my hand was empty, and I felt her skin

The first day we passed minds, uncertain circling
and when she was gone I followed grasping because
she was my sister when I didn't know then
All those sisters gone -- she stayed, she was, she'd been
I ran to follow as though she could disappear
blurry stars in the rain, and when she cried I called her sister

That night after the rain stopped, my sister led me to a river
outside reality where we sat and watched rainbows
until the sun began to rise
where she cried and I called her sister
and held her hand and held her
touched a ray of light to her skin and said I loved her
kissed her with my rays of hope and waited for the dawn.

Full Of Grace And Far To Go
(for those afflicted with Cerebral Palsy)

Before the sun rose
She looked at the mirror and tried to remember
Were there other lives without this
Other bodies beyond this
Before the sun rose she tried to dance
And when the floor caught her she didn't get up
Tried to remember what they always said
If you fall, get back up, if you fall, keep trying
If you fall, don't stay down.

The ceiling was cracked, and she stared forever
Like a lifeline, stretched across her palm
Branching off in spikes, what was it they said
A break in the line means pain
Her breaks were all at the start
Was there ever a chance to be born someone else
Was there ever a life to be led someplace else
Before the sun rose she got to her feet.

Don't give up, they said, don't lie down,
And she wished she wouldn't have to hear
Wished she wasn't like this anyway
But as the sun rose she brushed her long hair
Put on high heels and walked back and forth
Ankle twisted out but she clenched her teeth
Walked back and forth
Yes, said the mirror, you are still beautiful
You've always been beautiful
You'll always be beautiful
Now go.

As the sun rose she went to the door, opened it wide
And limped out into the light.
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