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Well, my friend Mitch was right--I do have the ability of divination. Erin let me play with her crystal ball last night and it made pretty pictures in my head. Did I mention I saw Bin Laden covered in blood? The only bad thing was that I overloaded--wound up on the floor. Of course, I did try to push past the safeguards in the astral plane and go places I probably shouldn't. But I have my wings back, and I can use them, yay! They're blinding white dove wings, which says something about me. :p
The world has been odd the past few hours--time doesn't have a whole lot of meaning. Either it's gone by really slowly, or really quickly. Shiefox didn't help things much--he was drawing too much power and it fed into me and there was this whole empathic mess where we fell asleep on the couch and didn't move until 14 hours later. But that's okay. It's just something new to base my book off of. Maybe.
There are people here. I should probably get going.

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