Jan. 8th, 2002 04:06 pm
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Just got the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and now it won't play on the CD-ROM. *whacks computer* I think Sonique is being cranky. I listened to it in the bedroom and it's awesome, but I want writing music. I just chopped off four entire chapters so I could stick one in the middle. Actually, I chopped off chapters 7 through 10 because Chapter 6 was missing. But that's just one more chapter I get to play with. Adam made the suggestion that I have the main villain be a human being instead of a psychic entity--like Dana is with the Phoenix. Dana's the embodiment of the Phoenix, so make some other person the embodiment of the Shadow. Actually, I'm not sure if I should stick with Shadow or Dark. I mean, it's malevolent, but I don't want to choose sides. Angels and demons are the same creature with different wings, after all. I just hope that I can pump the story up a little more.

I finally got a call from Mark, the guy in NY that my mom met and recommended I talk to about finding an agent or editor. He suggested I get in touch with the editors who rejected my short stories and chat them up, try and see if I can get connected. I know I'm going to have a rough road ahead of me no matter what, just because my chosen career is probably the most competitive, heartbreaking, and disappointing of all the art forms. (Music is up there too, depending on what kind.)

Wish me luck. I have to go write the rest of Chapter Six.
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