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rosefox8 ([personal profile] rosefox8) wrote2009-05-24 11:17 pm
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Tomorrow is a holiday; must remember this.

We spent most of the day with Billy and Charlotte, grilling chicken and steak, playing video games (I've really gotten into Buzz). Charlotte and I took a lovely walk. Tomorrow, after Adam goes fishing, Adam and I will do a bike ride (trike, in my case). At least my tricycle's basket can hold a jug of cat litter. That is what matters; if there is no one to drive me to the store I can always ride. I cannot carry the pails, but the jugs are doable. My exercise plan includes as much strength training as possible. I want to be able to lift a thirty-pound pail of litter without pain.

I ate a handful of chocolate-covered goji berries just now. They are sumptuous.