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I'm beginning to like the progression of 'Stormfall' more and more now that it's really going somewhere. It reminds me of the George R.R. Martin fantasy serial, which both Adam and I love to death--believe it or not, soap opera type novels can be really cool when they're fantasy/SF.
I have to decide on a name for the Dark's new host. Right now I have Kevin, but I'm thinking Jeremy. I know names may not matter much, but for me they form the character. I actually thought a good while before choosing Dana, Kara, Ian and Thomas. Dana and Ian were a given though, since those two characters have been popping up in various incarnations in my stories since I was in high school. Maybe they're soul mates. *g*
But I think I like Jeremy for a name.
Now my main thing is to keep it flowing. What I really want is to take up a martial art form beyond tai chi, like aikido. I took tai chi so long ago I barely remember anything past the rudimentary first moves. But it may help strengthen my writing skills--as well as my left side. So yay for that.

By the way, the temp agency still hasn't called me with a new assignment. I'm not annoyed yet, but I'd really like to be working again...grrr...
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