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Ooh, today was a nicely productive day. We slept in until noon, then spent half an hour folding and putting away laundry and straightening up the upstairs. With the bedroom completely rearranged and the other rooms vacuumed and organized, there is more floor space, and I am determined (pinky swear) to keep it all clean and uncluttered.
Brunch at IHOP, where we each got a meal of Swedish International Passport crepes, eggs over easy, with a side of hash browns, which is generally the only food either of us order at IHOP. In the same shopping center is a Rugged Warehouse and a Vitamin Shoppe. Clothing was bought, and at the vitamin shop I bought a couple of bottles of proteolytic enzymes on sale, as well as a couple of bottles of Nature’s Answer Green Tea Energy Shot With Yerba Mate, and a mini bottle of Nature's Answer ORAC Super 7 Liquid Supplement, as well as an energy shot called Mama Juana Energy, which contains maca root.
I need to get to that Vitamin Shoppe more often, as they often have sales and discounts, and it is on an easy bus route. Plus, the sales clerks are amazing and friendly, very knowledgeable and always willing to learn from customers.
After that, we headed to Home Depot. We purchased filters for the air conditioner, plus cinnamon and lavender fresheners. And then to the Animal Rescue Thrift Store, where profits went to help the animals. I need to shop there more often. Blazers, pants, and shirts for five dollars.
Adam is cooking chicken drumsticks for dinner. That IHOP meal is caloric and filling enough to last for hours.
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We spent most of the day with Billy and Charlotte, grilling chicken and steak, playing video games (I've really gotten into Buzz). Charlotte and I took a lovely walk. Tomorrow, after Adam goes fishing, Adam and I will do a bike ride (trike, in my case). At least my tricycle's basket can hold a jug of cat litter. That is what matters; if there is no one to drive me to the store I can always ride. I cannot carry the pails, but the jugs are doable. My exercise plan includes as much strength training as possible. I want to be able to lift a thirty-pound pail of litter without pain.

I ate a handful of chocolate-covered goji berries just now. They are sumptuous.

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