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rosefox8 ([personal profile] rosefox8) wrote2002-01-14 03:00 pm


Still waiting on Randstad. They're running slow this week, and I understand that. I'm not complaining about the time I get to spend working on the book. But I want to be working for a steady paycheck again.
I put in an application for another temp agency called Trak Staffing, and the representative will call me at some point. I wouldn't mind Trak, since I think they pay more than Randstad and are mostly in DC or Bethesda, which means Metro access regardless. I hope. Cross your fingers.
I'm looking in the papers too, just in case. I'd like to be making at least 28K per year, to back up Adam's likely 30K plus.

I got a couple of emails from guys who tried to "get me" in the past. I wonder what it's like to know that the object of your affections is taken, and yet still proclaim that you want them?

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