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I have bruises all over my knees. I probably walked into things or bashed my legs against desks and chairs. Magnesium oil, massaged into the skin, helps.

I think this is a good entry on chronic pain and how to communicate with people who try to offer unwanted advice:

Adam is going to New York City tomorrow, setting up a job at a posh hotel again. He should be home come Sunday or Monday or so.

I am watching Across The Universe on Starz. I am really holding out for the Bono and Eddie Izzard scenes. And the scene at the very end, with the reunion and the intake of breath that reminds me of my husband on our wedding day.

I love dancing on the couch to Beatles songs, especially "Come Together." Groovy. I was telling Adam that I was lip-synching to songs that I barely knew, and I joked that people born after the rise of Beatlemania probably have Beatles songs woven into their DNA.

At CVS today, I bought a bottle of green tea extract capsules, as I'd want something to keep at my work desk to help with the fatigue. I don't believe in the weight loss hype, but I do believe in antioxidants and EGCG and in 50 milligrams of caffeine per capsule.


May. 25th, 2009 05:50 pm
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My father, who was a Navy sailor in the late 1950s to mid 1960s, read a long, powerful speech this afternoon in Sag Harbor, NY. He's a VFW commander, a Freemason, an actual stonemason, an artist, and all-around extraordinary man. I love him beyond words, and not just because he is my father. *hats off*
I dedicate this post to many old friends and friends of friends, mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers, their graves weighed down with flowers and personal trinkets. For Lance Cpl. Jordan Christian Haerter, the boy from Sag Harbor; for the men who served with my father and the men who served with Bruce Bailey.
For all of them
For all of you.

Thank you.

Trace Adkins: I Made It To Arlington

Tim McGraw: If You're Reading This
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Ooh, today was a nicely productive day. We slept in until noon, then spent half an hour folding and putting away laundry and straightening up the upstairs. With the bedroom completely rearranged and the other rooms vacuumed and organized, there is more floor space, and I am determined (pinky swear) to keep it all clean and uncluttered.
Brunch at IHOP, where we each got a meal of Swedish International Passport crepes, eggs over easy, with a side of hash browns, which is generally the only food either of us order at IHOP. In the same shopping center is a Rugged Warehouse and a Vitamin Shoppe. Clothing was bought, and at the vitamin shop I bought a couple of bottles of proteolytic enzymes on sale, as well as a couple of bottles of Nature’s Answer Green Tea Energy Shot With Yerba Mate, and a mini bottle of Nature's Answer ORAC Super 7 Liquid Supplement, as well as an energy shot called Mama Juana Energy, which contains maca root.
I need to get to that Vitamin Shoppe more often, as they often have sales and discounts, and it is on an easy bus route. Plus, the sales clerks are amazing and friendly, very knowledgeable and always willing to learn from customers.
After that, we headed to Home Depot. We purchased filters for the air conditioner, plus cinnamon and lavender fresheners. And then to the Animal Rescue Thrift Store, where profits went to help the animals. I need to shop there more often. Blazers, pants, and shirts for five dollars.
Adam is cooking chicken drumsticks for dinner. That IHOP meal is caloric and filling enough to last for hours.
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We spent most of the day with Billy and Charlotte, grilling chicken and steak, playing video games (I've really gotten into Buzz). Charlotte and I took a lovely walk. Tomorrow, after Adam goes fishing, Adam and I will do a bike ride (trike, in my case). At least my tricycle's basket can hold a jug of cat litter. That is what matters; if there is no one to drive me to the store I can always ride. I cannot carry the pails, but the jugs are doable. My exercise plan includes as much strength training as possible. I want to be able to lift a thirty-pound pail of litter without pain.

I ate a handful of chocolate-covered goji berries just now. They are sumptuous.
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I love you, Adam.

I sacrifice my power on the altar of your love
That it may be born again on another world
I sacrifice my power on the altar of your love
That it may be born again on another world

In this library I could lose myself
Transports, gateways on every shelf
Dark words, bright words of ice and fire
As if an angel did descend and use the writer as a pen
For here are 'Avalon of the Heart'
'Flight Into Freedom'
MacDonald's 'Lilith' and 'Fantastes'
Lewis's 'Perelandra'

I sacrifice my power on the altar of your love
That it may be born again on another world
I sacrifice my power on the altar of your love
That it may be born again on another world

Come friend, let us climb the winding flights of stairs
Through the narrow door into the chamber bare
A single candle burns as we seat ourselves
Words take form in our minds and repeat themselves:
"My beloved and I are one
My beloved and I are one
My beloved and I are one
My beloved and I are one"

I sacrifice my power on the altar of your love
That it may be born again on another world
I sacrifice my power on the altar of your love
That it may be born again on another world

Out here on the tower the air is cold and clear
The stars and moon are bright above us
A night wind whispers in our ears
And it loves us
And though your body weary is
In this grand canyon state of mind
If high stream of dreams and truth be told
And our intentions be entwined
Then from these high flung tower walls
Let healing grace and blessings fall
Over all this cracked and broken land
From Northern Crag to Southern Down
From Universal Hall to Camden Town
From city square to village green
From parliament to housing scheme
From Iona to the hill of dreams

I sacrifice my power on the altar of your love
That it may be born again on another world
I sacrifice my power on the altar of your love
That it may be born again on another world

-Mike Scott And The Waterboys, "Universal Hall"
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Generally, I will be posting mainly to LiveJournal, at I will cross-post between there and here as well. This is a test. I think most LiveJournal users have been getting on Dreamwidth, so if you are one of my LiveJournal friends, please stop by and say hi.
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Well, it's down to congestion now, and a slight temperature--I can live with that. Would be nice to start work next week completely healthy, though. And speaking of work, I've been sending out job applications left and right, because a temp agency is, well, too temporary. I'd rather not be spending three weeks without work because they've been slow. Problem is, either these job people just aren't noticing me, or they don't care, or they take a look at my resume and laugh. It's a horrible Catch-22: You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience.
If I haven't found something more permanent by mid-February, I might as well break down and apply at Barnes&Noble or something. This is ridiculous.
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Eating breakfast right now, checking email, about to call up Word and work on das novel. I'm also going to check out some companies in DC who might want a proofreader, like legal firms or something. Plus I'm gonna try some magazines or periodicals or something. All the admin assist jobs seem to pay very little.

My beauty product pick for this entry is Jane cosmetics. I was not aware that the name was actually an acronymn for botanicals they use in their makeup: Juniper, Aloe, Nettle, and Elder. The pressed powder is probably the best bet for me, since it's one of those barely-there deals.

I feel like I'm just starting to live the way I was supposed to in high school, if I'd had friends. Cindy and I went shopping and stuff, but not that often and not in the way that I do now, with Erin and Beth for example. Spending two hours at a supermarket going through every single aisle just for the fun of it was really cool. I've never laughed this hard in HS.

Last night, Adam was nice enough to take me to CVS after dropping off James. His excuse is that he knows me and I'll want to go shopping regardless of how I feel. So he's right. Sue me. Still, I appreciate it, since his sinus headache/migraine was still being annoying. Thank the gods for Midrin.

I want a bigger job! More money! Published books! Did I mention that John Meagher got an agent? I'm so happy for him, yet so jealous at the same time. I could self-publish and stick it in Borders, but that's the cheap way, the last resort. I want to really be an author, someone you can look up in and "buy used". *grin*
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Still waiting on Randstad. They're running slow this week, and I understand that. I'm not complaining about the time I get to spend working on the book. But I want to be working for a steady paycheck again.
I put in an application for another temp agency called Trak Staffing, and the representative will call me at some point. I wouldn't mind Trak, since I think they pay more than Randstad and are mostly in DC or Bethesda, which means Metro access regardless. I hope. Cross your fingers.
I'm looking in the papers too, just in case. I'd like to be making at least 28K per year, to back up Adam's likely 30K plus.

I got a couple of emails from guys who tried to "get me" in the past. I wonder what it's like to know that the object of your affections is taken, and yet still proclaim that you want them?
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I'm beginning to like the progression of 'Stormfall' more and more now that it's really going somewhere. It reminds me of the George R.R. Martin fantasy serial, which both Adam and I love to death--believe it or not, soap opera type novels can be really cool when they're fantasy/SF.
I have to decide on a name for the Dark's new host. Right now I have Kevin, but I'm thinking Jeremy. I know names may not matter much, but for me they form the character. I actually thought a good while before choosing Dana, Kara, Ian and Thomas. Dana and Ian were a given though, since those two characters have been popping up in various incarnations in my stories since I was in high school. Maybe they're soul mates. *g*
But I think I like Jeremy for a name.
Now my main thing is to keep it flowing. What I really want is to take up a martial art form beyond tai chi, like aikido. I took tai chi so long ago I barely remember anything past the rudimentary first moves. But it may help strengthen my writing skills--as well as my left side. So yay for that.

By the way, the temp agency still hasn't called me with a new assignment. I'm not annoyed yet, but I'd really like to be working again...grrr...
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What Flavour Are You? I am a subtle taste, like Pine.I am a subtle taste, like Pine.

I am a quiet, fresh taste, almost more of a scent than a flavour. You will be aware of me, but not quite remember me without being reminded. Not that I'm boring; on the contrary, I'm just a little outside the ordinary. What Flavour Are You?
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What Video Game Character Are You? I am an Asteroid.I am an Asteroid.

I am a drifter. I go where life leads, which makes me usually a very calm and content sort of person. That or thoroughly apathetic. Usually I keep on doing whatever I'm doing, and it takes something special to make me change my mind. What Video Game Character Are You?
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So the main villian in 'Stormfall' is now the human host of the Shadow, or the Dark...but get this, he also went to the same orphanage that Dana went to as a kid. I love twists. It makes the villian all that more human. And as it turns out, he doesn't want to kill her, he wants her to join him. Then again, he'll also kill her if she doesn't, so...hehehehe. Suffice to say, my writer's block has been cracked. Thank you, Adam. I owe you one.
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Element: Air


Celtic Celebration: Spring Equinox (approx. Mar 21st)

Personality Traits: Optimism, Intelligence, Mental Quickness

Those of the Element Air, tend to be free spirits, creative and fun loving yet intellgent and thoughtful.

Find out what element you are aligned with

This test created by Celtic_Shamanes


Jan. 8th, 2002 04:06 pm
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Just got the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and now it won't play on the CD-ROM. *whacks computer* I think Sonique is being cranky. I listened to it in the bedroom and it's awesome, but I want writing music. I just chopped off four entire chapters so I could stick one in the middle. Actually, I chopped off chapters 7 through 10 because Chapter 6 was missing. But that's just one more chapter I get to play with. Adam made the suggestion that I have the main villain be a human being instead of a psychic entity--like Dana is with the Phoenix. Dana's the embodiment of the Phoenix, so make some other person the embodiment of the Shadow. Actually, I'm not sure if I should stick with Shadow or Dark. I mean, it's malevolent, but I don't want to choose sides. Angels and demons are the same creature with different wings, after all. I just hope that I can pump the story up a little more.

I finally got a call from Mark, the guy in NY that my mom met and recommended I talk to about finding an agent or editor. He suggested I get in touch with the editors who rejected my short stories and chat them up, try and see if I can get connected. I know I'm going to have a rough road ahead of me no matter what, just because my chosen career is probably the most competitive, heartbreaking, and disappointing of all the art forms. (Music is up there too, depending on what kind.)

Wish me luck. I have to go write the rest of Chapter Six.
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I've been a poet since I was 5, and a fantasy/science fiction writer since I was 10. I have a Bachelor's in creative writing. You'd think I'd be done with the book by now. Stormfall has gone through enough changes already, but this is just annoying. Stupid evil writer's block. What's worse is writer's block on something specific. Like I'm not having enough trouble with Stormfall as it is, I'm stuck 3 pages into Chapter 10, and it's like I'm in a car driving behind a huge truck that won't speed up, won't change lanes, and won't give me enough room to pass and get where I want to go. And I know where I want to go, it's just the getting there that's so...grrrr argh.
I need a muse again. Or an editor. Actually, what I want is Tish, but I haven't heard from her since before Adam broke his arm (translation: December 2000). Back then I could call her up, and all I had to say was what Dana or Ian was doing, and she'd know I meant the characters in my book. We almost treated them like real people. Tish even had dreams that corresponded to what I was thinking about writing. But Tish isn't here anymore. So I've lost my original Stormfall muse. I'd ask Adam, but he's way too close to me, and Ian is based off him too much. Besides, he's a very picky reader, and the worst thing I could probably hear right now is for my lover to criticize my life's work. Then again, if you can't hear it straight from those you love, who can you hear it from?
I wonder if I can get Beth to be the new muse. She's a good writer, and we're becoming fast, close friends. She's not Tish, but I have the same love for her as I do for my college best friend.
So here I am with novel block. I could start work on Siren, but if I do that, it may back Dana and Ian and co. into a corner, or an unopened file on a floppy disk. And I need Dana to finish telling me her story. It's important.
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A list of some of the greatest beauty products I've stumbled across, in no particular order:

1. Back To Basics Green Tea Smoothing Elixir
2. Dermaclear skin treatment
3. Phisoderm skin cleanser
4. Clinique Turnaround Cream
5. Origins Spot Treatment
6. Loreal Translucide makeup
7. Sally Hansen's CornSilk ZeroShine makeup (No Color)
8. Hemp Lip Balm (Tangerine-Mandarin)
9. Aussie Dewplex
10. Aussie 3-Minute Miracle
11. Salon Selectives Completely Drenched
12. Aloe Vera Body Lotion
13. Loreal HydraSoft lipstick (Restful Raisin)
14. Maybelline MoistureWhip lipstick (Tiger's Eye)
15. Rimmel Exaggerating Lipstick (Revolution)
16. Gillete Mach 3 razor
17. Jergen's Naturally Smooth
18. Queen Helene's Mint Julep Face Mask
19: Feria Haircolor
20: Cocoa Butter Body Lotion
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