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I've been a poet since I was 5, and a fantasy/science fiction writer since I was 10. I have a Bachelor's in creative writing. You'd think I'd be done with the book by now. Stormfall has gone through enough changes already, but this is just annoying. Stupid evil writer's block. What's worse is writer's block on something specific. Like I'm not having enough trouble with Stormfall as it is, I'm stuck 3 pages into Chapter 10, and it's like I'm in a car driving behind a huge truck that won't speed up, won't change lanes, and won't give me enough room to pass and get where I want to go. And I know where I want to go, it's just the getting there that's so...grrrr argh.
I need a muse again. Or an editor. Actually, what I want is Tish, but I haven't heard from her since before Adam broke his arm (translation: December 2000). Back then I could call her up, and all I had to say was what Dana or Ian was doing, and she'd know I meant the characters in my book. We almost treated them like real people. Tish even had dreams that corresponded to what I was thinking about writing. But Tish isn't here anymore. So I've lost my original Stormfall muse. I'd ask Adam, but he's way too close to me, and Ian is based off him too much. Besides, he's a very picky reader, and the worst thing I could probably hear right now is for my lover to criticize my life's work. Then again, if you can't hear it straight from those you love, who can you hear it from?
I wonder if I can get Beth to be the new muse. She's a good writer, and we're becoming fast, close friends. She's not Tish, but I have the same love for her as I do for my college best friend.
So here I am with novel block. I could start work on Siren, but if I do that, it may back Dana and Ian and co. into a corner, or an unopened file on a floppy disk. And I need Dana to finish telling me her story. It's important.
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