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I have bruises all over my knees. I probably walked into things or bashed my legs against desks and chairs. Magnesium oil, massaged into the skin, helps.

I think this is a good entry on chronic pain and how to communicate with people who try to offer unwanted advice:

Adam is going to New York City tomorrow, setting up a job at a posh hotel again. He should be home come Sunday or Monday or so.

I am watching Across The Universe on Starz. I am really holding out for the Bono and Eddie Izzard scenes. And the scene at the very end, with the reunion and the intake of breath that reminds me of my husband on our wedding day.

I love dancing on the couch to Beatles songs, especially "Come Together." Groovy. I was telling Adam that I was lip-synching to songs that I barely knew, and I joked that people born after the rise of Beatlemania probably have Beatles songs woven into their DNA.

At CVS today, I bought a bottle of green tea extract capsules, as I'd want something to keep at my work desk to help with the fatigue. I don't believe in the weight loss hype, but I do believe in antioxidants and EGCG and in 50 milligrams of caffeine per capsule.

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